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Originally Posted by John Q. Ferguson View Post
If white Christians truly believed in an egalitarianism then where did black churches come from?
It came from the innate and healthy racism born into Whites. It damned sure didn't come from anything contained in xtianity itself. They were segregated despite xtianity, not because of it.

...You really think white Christians, historically, have wanted to share a pew with a nigger?
No, for the reasons stated above.

You think German Christians felt really badly about the treatment of das juden? What type of Christianity was being practiced in Berlin in 1940?
You realize, of course, that there was no jew holocaust? But if the National Socialists had attempted a "final solution" it would have probably been impossible due to christ-insanity.

Let me put it this way. Attacking Christianity is like attacking the media.
No. It is not. It is more like attacking the kike control of the media. We don't want to eliminate the news and entertainment media, we just want to free it from jew control.

Same with spiritual matters. We want to break it free from the control of an alien and unhealthy creed that denies basic reality in favor of obvious but dangerous non-sense.

Let's get rid of the media. It's perverted, it's anti-white, it's full of fags, niggers, muds and jews. So let's tear down the TV stations and smash the flat screens. Set off dynamite in the San Andreas Fault and watch Hollyweird and Kalifornia slide into the ocean. (Actually not a bad idea.)


Let's recognize that the media is inherently malleable. And it is also an incredibly useful tool for shaping public opinion. So instead of trying to demolish it, why not control it. Let's find media people who believe in white nationalism. Even better, let's grow our own. Let's sponsor our own TV station or radio station or forums. Let's flood the internet with a positive, pro-white message.
see above

Same-same with the public educational system, universities . . . and Christianity.
Saying we should control xtianity is an awful lot like saying "Let's regain control of the mass media by controlling the yids that run it. Won't work! What will work is to get rid of it and replace it with a spirituality of our own.

Final point:

God created man in his own image.
Wrong. The jews of the old testament created a god in their image. The underclass of the Roman Empire modified him to better fit their image.