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Originally Posted by John Q. Ferguson View Post

Let's recognize that the media is inherently malleable. And it is also an incredibly useful tool for shaping public opinion. So instead of trying to demolish it, why not control it. Let's find media people who believe in white nationalism. Even better, let's grow our own. Let's sponsor our own TV station or radio station or forums. Let's flood the internet with a positive, pro-white message.
Wasn't it Lenin who said the best way to control the opposition is to lead it? Let's take a page out of their book.

It would be infinitely hard to gain influence in the popular media. Hell, a guy named Rick Sanchez couldn't even keep his job after uttering a SINGLE thing about Jew control.

Now when it comes to churches, that's an interesting idea. But again, how long would it take for a covert WN priest to be defrocked after making comments about Jews? Those refugees generally get banished to Traditional Catholic churches (which I have a soft spot for admittedly) which have next to no influence.

Slightly off-topic but if we could get high-ranking positions in orgs like the ADL, SPLC, AIPAC, whatever, and erode them from the inside...I don't know if that would make a dent but that's far more realistic than infiltrating mass media or influential churches.
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