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Originally Posted by Thad Charles View Post
Yes, which I believe was Hitler's view as well. Instead of making martyrs out of people (the Christians really do have a taste for that since time immemorial) by attacking the churches it really would have been best to just let them erode naturally. Seeing how great Nazi Germany really was I think that was just the place for it to happen. It had the culture and the scientific advancements to accomplish such a feat.
The most important thing is to keep christ cult influence out of politics. So if there's a White government, all it has to do is inform the preacher class it won't tolerate any teaching against the official doctrine on race. That's the grounding of the new state, and any teaching against it will be executed. It has to be that serious. The christ lunatic leaders have proven nothing if not that they're flexible, so I don't see this being a problem. The scriptures, as has been said, will support any political reading, including WN.

That is the short-term policy. The long term policy is to wean people away from the insanity christ lunacy represents. This is not so simple a matter as it appears, because the lunacy is partly based in genetics - ie, simple animal fear, conformism, and stupidity. Those things don't just go away because we don't like them. They must be, rather, channeled more effectively that christ-insanity channels them, while some kind of tolerable eugenics is practiced to raise the average IQ to a level (i'd say around 130) where craziness like the christ cult becomes less attractive. As I say, this is not something that happens overnight. At the same time the above is going on, you develop what I've called The Defenders, as an elite racial-protection class. This could be somewhat like the SS - it would have intellectual, moral and physical qualifications. This would be looked up to by the people. It would be as incorruptible as anything human can be, and it would set the model for interactions on the popular level. Of course, this is easy, easy, easy to write and say, but not so easy to make work in reality. But I do believe it is possible to have a society in which the average, repeat, average, person is not drawn to government or Jebus as the solution to all his ills. The principle of subsidiarity is solid and must be insisted on. The government and the man both have their place, and must be kept/forced to it. The man must carry his weight; the government must do only what it exists to do.