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Default FBI "hocus-pocus"

If I take your Driver's License, make a copy of it, and then give you that copy and declare "I consider this to be the original", and, then I burn your real drivers license, and if you accept this nonsense, then you are a blithering FOOL.

Sotka REFUSED to identify the recording device, he refused to even describe it (size, color, etc.), and, the judge allowed a "sidebar" to determine that providing the specifics as to the original recording device would not be allowed due to some nonsense about comprising one or more unspecified ongoing investigations, The defense was not allowed to pursue this line of questioning - got that? The ONE AND ONLY CRUCIAL EVIDENCE was not allowed to be questioned by the defense! NUTS! The court's corruption in this matter makes this whole case nothing but a show-trial. Sotka only allowed that the sound file on his PC (which he claimed was a "download" from the recording device) was "considered" to be the "original", and that the recording made by the recording device "was erased". For the court to accept this, and disallow any defense questioning of this denial of defendant's rights, is indicative that the court was CORRUPTED to the bone. Just because I declare that a color copy of your driver's license is now considered "the original" doesn't make it so. Those idiots on this thread who want to skip over this crucial aspect of this farce of a case are simply pro-govie types gobbling up this thread with nothing but pure slander against Ed - they cannot stand to shine a spotlight on the most critical failing in this case - the failure to preserve original best evidence.

We are not talking rocket science when it comes to recording conversations. Miniature tape recorders have been around for decades and they provide a true analogue recording that cannot be faked without detection. Even optical minidiscs can provide means to detect fakery, but, using copies of copies as "original best evidence" and faulting the defense for not having the "original" to analyze is pure bolshevikie-type "prosecutions". Congrats to you "Ed-is-guilty" types hogging this thread - you are good little bolshevoi comrades, making a lot of noise about nothing to avoid getting at the kernel of the truth here - denial of defense rights to examine original best evidence.

This thread has become nothing but "bash Ed" fest for those jew-loving types running amok here.

For all others who read this thread and want to exercise critical thinking, just keep it in mind that the FBI DESTROYED the only evidence that could make a case against Ed, and, the courts allowed them to substitute a "copy" based solely on their word that their copy was genuine. This so-called "copy" admittedly came off an FBI PC, and, there is absolutely NO EVIDENCE as to how it got there, or whether or not it got edited - not one shred of evidence other than the FBI's word about it. There is NO CASE here, unless you accept the FBI's word on blind faith, and, if so, you are either a blithering idiot or a good little commmie jew lover. You love your show trials because that gives a platform to slander and debase your unprotected "target" without any risk. A glorified gossip club broadcasted out over the air-waves in the guise of a "trail".