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Originally Posted by -JC View Post
Whenever such arrogance causes me to ask why it is that I initially want to slap such an individual, I ask myself if I'm dealing with a peer or something else. If you're reaction is other than to ignore posts of this sort, you've been hooked into wasting your time flaming.

You'll notice there was no link to an official site with the original trial transcripts posted by Mr. Pauly. No, wait, that would be a duplicate post.
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There are several more including http://coloradosupremecourt.com/Sear...p?Regnum=10350 which was posted previously. McAlister was not required to be licensed in Idaho as far as Federal Court is concerned. He used another lawyer Amendola who was licensed in Idaho. I don't know whether that was required. Other articles told of McAlisters failed real estate deals and his cheating of his female client. I have posted some of these in this thread.

You caused me to stumble across the transcript of the trial which is posted at http://www.free-edgar-steele.com/?p=426#more-426. This will no doubt settle many arguments here.
You require spoon feeding. The above link leads to the following eight links.