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Smile Jury Selection

I am about half way thru the transcript of the first day of trial including jury selection. So far Judge Winmill seems to be fair to both parties as best as I can tell. Take for example these two inquiries to the jury:



1."Again, by show of hands, have any of you, or any close family member, ever held beliefs in line with any group which supports or espouses racial or ethnic superiority, or with any group which opposes such views? Let me give you examples. A group which supports or espouses racial or ethnic superiority might include the Ku Klux Klan, Aryan Nations, the National Socialist Movement, or the National Alliance. And that's just by way of example."

2."I was asking not only those who support or espouse racial or ethnic superiority, but also any group which opposes such views. And groups which would oppose such views might include the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Anti- Defamation League, the NAACP, B'nai B'rith."
Note that he was prohibiting supporters of the Poverty Pimp from serving on the jury as well as National Alliance. Of course there is no such thing as a White Supremicist but at least the left was being restricted too. There were no obvious Jews on the jury panel but few of their names and none of their photos have been released.

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