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Making meth illegal is just a cop empowerment scheme, which means it's a government-expansion scheme. The more power and money government IN ANY FORM has, the LESS YOU HAVE. Don't you LIKE having money? Don't you LIKE being able to make decisions? The drug war is treating you like a mix of a kindergartner and terrorist - and taking your money to hector and harass you. And sometimes just plain shoot you dead for no reason at all. Again, that is the exact opposite of what 'America' used to mean and stand for.
A former Dade Co. Fla. cop turned defense lawyer who wrote a book about how to keep from being arrested (with many hilariously degrading suggestions, judging from the article I read about it) says that today's cops are not about "protecting" the people they "serve", they're about ensnaring them to "score". It's all a game designed to rake in the fine cash and make the jewed regime's low-level enforcers feel tuff.
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