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Originally Posted by N.B. Forrest View Post
THIS. Tater Salad is a real howl. He did a riff on working a fair in the upper Midwest, Minnesota or Wisconsin, where he was paid in "coo-puns" instead of cash.....tore me all to hell....

Bill Murray is rightfully a comedy legend. I watched Stripes again the other night: "Chicks dig me..."....
Yeah, I've seen Ron White stuff, he's good. Read his book too, odd background. Was involved in business down in Mexico.

Chicks LOVE his voice too.

Not all comedy is the same.

Carrot Top does prop shtick. It's not supposed to be incredibly creative or clever, just sort mild and dumb. And lucrative.

People always underestimate how dumb and mild the vast mass of Americans needs to have things to appreciate it. But they also estimate what a large market there is for intelligent stuff. There really is room for all kinds and types. Foxworthy doesn't bother me, I can see what he's doing. He's providing genial, mild humor you wouldn't mind your aging relatives hearing.