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Originally Posted by Donnie in Ohio View Post
Only took 10 years. I knew you would come around. They always do.

Get heer. We'll do the rest.
Ha...I just don't hate them... They wear better than Led Zeppelin and most 70s rock. That shit is so overplayed and tiresome. Always thought Morrison was tongue in cheek, but maybe not. His volume of 'poetry' was to laugh at. Then again, someone else put that out long after his death.

Like I said...things get associated with stuff that isn't their fault. Sitting in a baseball van for eight hour trip up to Fresno. Get out, it's raining. Go to Wendy's. Eight hours back to So Cal. Raining the whole time. Listening to The Doors (not my choice) the entire way. Sitting in a van glum. One of the more extended periods of futility with matching ambiance I can recall.