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Originally Posted by Alex Linder View Post
Jim Carrey isn't a dimestore neurotic whining bitch like 9/10 comedians, six of whom are kikes. He's normal and Aryan. He can not only do perfect vocal impressions, he can make his face into the face of the person he's mimicking. I have not seen anyone else do this within 100 miles of his ability. He spent his youth working on this stuff in the mirror. Hours a day. Just watch his face move - it's extraordinary. There's no one else on earth that expressive, who can manipulate his facial features with that degree of control.
I could enjoy him much more if only he weren't a leftist turd - and worse still, a holier-than-thou Canadian one....

I thought Val Kilmer was fantastic as Morrison. Not a big fan of the Doors. I like The End (absolutely perfect for Apocalypse Now), Riders on the Storm, a few others. But wears better than Zeppelin?, can't get behind that one.
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