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Originally Posted by Alex Linder View Post
In the end, what does Breaking Bad mean to WN?

It means that a White Man must be a man. Early in the series, as mentioned by Gilligan in interview with Charlie Rose, he mentions that Walter's former legitimate business partners offered to pay all his bills and give him a job for life. He doesn't accept. "Let's cook," he says. He believes the two wronged him, and he would rather live as a man in the free air, with all the coldness and danger involevd, than as a veal cow on some farmer's stall.

That is pretty much what's at stake in our cause.

Are we content living as perpetual children, stock animals, perpetual juveniles, playing with our genitals, playing video games, spectating mass sports - on the jew's multicultural plantation? Or do we prize white sovereignty and independence above all else?

White made the right decision - the white decision. Not the safe decision. He didn't want the security of undignified slavery, because a man is not just his material needs, as the christians think. A man is not just something that exists to be obedient to authority, as the christians believe. A man is something more. What the christians fear in man is precisely that - his manliness. His will. His authority. His decisions. Those are what the christians call pride - and judge sinful! And they hate it. They have extinguished manliness in themselves, and seek to extinguish it in others. They are zombies, and think others should be too. Other opinions are 'evil.'

Whites are not liberating themselves from jews to become ants for other whites.

The white race is not worth preserving if individual whites aren't capable of anything more than being bit players in some new Adolf's beautiful dream.

We are whites. And we are men. Both matter. Neither can be ignored, downplayed or extinguished.

This is exactly how I feel about the show.

I just desliked that they had to put some psychopatic ´´nazis´ in the end