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My wife watched this series awhile back and now she is near completion on her second round through. She watches it on her computer that sits back to back with mine. I have never seen this show and could only identify one character by visual recognition. However I have listened to this series twice now, with reluctance, as I have with the ultra-altruistic downton-abby and another show about mid-wives. The English mid-wife show has to rank among the best examples altruistic-psychopathology. By default I have become more aware of what goes into the jews message of how goy should think. The editing process, in particular the audio is quite apparent. Editing film and video is no different in principal to musical arrangement. A single note among a series of other notes can only be defined by the preceding note and the following note of any given note in sequence with others. The same is true with the sequencing of imagery in which case no one understands this better than Coppola and the Godfather/Apocalypse Now. If you understand this in the most basic fundamentals, then you understand editing, you then understand the concept of the narrative. The one technique that is constant in Breaking Bad is juxtaposition. How many times in a single episode is there audio juxtaposition between some ultra-cool retro tune and the sounds of violence. Jews employ this often although I don't see where they invented it, but there is no better example than the poor innocent jewish shop keeper and those evil Nazis. In this show, like any other, women are morally superior, unaccountable for their actions and always the victim of the male agenda. In this show, about crime, the liberal message I hear is that Whites are just as bad or worse than the browns. Again, I only know the characters by voice recognition, but the lawyer Goodman is as accurate example to true life as anything else in the entertainment industry past or present.
This show is trash. It does nothing but proliferate the lust for violence while keeping cool. It normalizes meth culture.