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Originally Posted by andy View Post
In relation to this issue can someone decipher and or explain this post from scumfront to me and other concerned viewers. Is this another charley horse type epiphany ? We have seen here many self revelatory posts culminating in antifapwens "Moaty" moment. But this one by a British Nationalist going on record that he is a wanker is a classic of the genre:

"...Originally Posted by still standing proud View Post
Personally. Yes. When you've lost everything you''ll understand. 14 words masturbater I will always be. Ive no room in my life for sell outs

Hey, sorry to hear that you lost everything man..."
A few years back a comment was made by a poster on Stormfront (believed to be either Griffin or Dowson if i remember correctly) calling anyone who disagreed with the BNP's policys and cave in to the equalitys commission allowing niggers etc into the party as "dinosaurs" and "14 word masturbaters". I believe this is what the fella, perhaps, was referring to.