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Nockda Redout

They have to pay that 15 dollar an hour minimum wage some way.
The minimum wage workers can't afford to pay one dollar for a candy bar, so the progressives solution is to raise the minimum wage.
The company has to now raise the price of his candy bar to 2 dollars pay the new minimum wage.
Thanks to progressive economics, every nigwit in Zimbabwe is a billionaire.

"Woooooieee! I beez a rich niggah,..Ah dun gonna buys me a pair o Nikes!"

Progressive jewish liberal Bernie Sanders promised to remake the U.S. economy into a carbon copy of the Venezuela system that he admired.

"Starving Venezuelians standing on long food lines thanks to the progressive economic imposed on them by people with good intentions."

Rule of thumb; if the liberal left is going all out to "help the poor" with some progressive bullshit, it's going to be bad for the country in the long run.
Their end game is to cause the collapse of western civilization so that the ruling elite can assume the pinnacle of power, not to make life better for everyone.

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