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Originally Posted by N.B. Forrest View Post
They are indeed one of the biggest retail rip-off stores out there. Even Walmart isn't the bargain they lie that they are; for example, their food prices are beaten all to hell by Aldi & Dollar Tree (although the selection is not as broad).
Kroger often has a better deal on meats than Walmart does. I went there the other day and saw a big slab of meat in the discount section marked as 'brisket', which was actually uncut sirloin steaks. Someone there was too retarded to know 'brisket' from 'sirloin'. Did I snag it? Damn right I did. It's their mistake. They had the price marked down to $15, took it home and sliced it and got about 16 1" thick sirloin steaks out of it. So I'll be eating steak for few weeks.
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