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Originally Posted by Erik T. White View Post
Walgreen's is advertising "get a shot, give a shot." Nope, not a shot to a White American. If you get a flu shot, for example, little Ogamumdbe in affreeka will get one too.

Gotta help little Ogamumdbe. He'll probably die in a few years from his own tribesmen. But giving him a shot just puts a warm feeling in my one would get with a ruptured appendix!!!!!!!!!!



Originally Posted by Graeme View Post
You definitely ain't following a conventional bible study eh. You're a cunny funt!!!

Oh yeah im new here. Was a stormfronter awhile back.
Nope. I always wondered why people were more concerned with affreekanz than their own White people???!!!??? I was a cheapskate "tither" from childhood since I didn't know who would benefit from my tithe. I gave in earnest when I was a young teenager and the father of one of my best friends lost his job. Our whole congregation pitched in, helped with food (five White brothers, one of whom was my friend, although they were all my pals, one was closer to my age,) gasoline, the electric bill and even their mortgage payment. Such was the way it used to be in the Deep South. Whites helping Whites. We never had pleas for helping little Mboncongo in affreeka at my church of the time. The main turd worlders mentioned a lot was the dot head Indians. And, the church was interested in giving to buy Bibles, not bring them into the U. S. I gave to the Bible fund as a youngster. Then the adults had a drive to send food to them. Even as a youth, I didn't give a penny. I was soundly chastised for asking, "Why are we giving money to India when White people in Appalachia are starving????" That didn't sit too well and I didn't care. In fact, my church raised the least amount of money for India during that drive for bucks. We weren't asked again to participate in the next "food for India" push.

I'm an "old line Christian," following the same ideology that I had as a youngster. Help Our White People. I had a job one time in my 20s when a man I knew to be an agnostic had a heart attack and he was White. I donated quite a bit to the fund to help him with his hospital deductible costs, food, etc. We didn't even get along that well on a personal basis. However, that is my brand of Christianity. Help those Whites who need help.

And, BTW, I was a Stormfronter also. I tried to join VNN some years ago but didn't get confirmation. I was using another email address which might not have allowed my message to get through or my confirmation was blocked.

Originally Posted by Crowe View Post
Kroger often has a better deal on meats than Walmart does. I went there the other day and saw a big slab of meat in the discount section marked as 'brisket', which was actually uncut sirloin steaks. Someone there was too retarded to know 'brisket' from 'sirloin'. Did I snag it? Damn right I did. It's their mistake. They had the price marked down to $15, took it home and sliced it and got about 16 1" thick sirloin steaks out of it. So I'll be eating steak for few weeks.
Good for you. It was probably an "affirmative action" hire with an IQ of 70 or so who just slapped the price on it. I'm sure the CEO makes millions. You benefited from the idiot who mispriced the steak. And, there was never a sermon on bargain hunting as being a sin in any church I ever attended.


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