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Good for you. It was probably an "affirmative action" hire with an IQ of 70 or so who just slapped the price on it. I'm sure the CEO makes millions. You benefited from the idiot who mispriced the steak. And, there was never a sermon on bargain hunting as being a sin in any church I ever attended.



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I'm not a christian. But the 'christian' way, from what I understand would be to tell the people working in the

butcher dept they miss marked something, because 'WWJD' (What would jebus do). Now if it was a White mom and pop place that had a 15 year old newbie working there, I might have said something. But a mega corporation? Fuck em.
Many years ago I decided to see how bad John Hagee really was, so I turned into his TV program. After a few minutes of a "make a joo friend today" type of drivel, he said, paraphrased, "You people who have your video recorders set to record my sermons ARE STEALING FROM THIS MINISTRY!!!!!!"

I couldn't take one more second of that fat pig!!!!!!!!!!

All the "love" and "we're all one" just came out as lies since I knew his god was mammon, mammon being money!!!!!!!

WWJD, John Hagee?????


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