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Originally Posted by Alex Linder View Post
not sure why that is, or if it was someone's decision
It was on purpose. Bigger queries to the database make the site go slower. You get full results if you are logged in. I had switched most of the main forums to show everything, but it looks like there are still some older ones (Support & Nutzpah) that I could probably switch to 'show all' ---- if it wasnt just for these two subforums that aren't really the active part of the site, and if it was more than one person asking for it, I might consider making the change.

Though it's not as big of a deal as Stewart is making it, because it will 'show all' for anyone who is logged in. If they log in when viewing those two subforums, it will show everything while protecting us from crawling bots slowing the site down. The cookie that gets set to keep you logged in defaults to expire after a period of time of inactivity (as all sites do)- make sure you check 'keep me logged in' if it is signing you out when you should be kept signed in.

I don't know, making a thread specifically to get answers on why someone was banned, and then pushing in large bold font, posted in multiple places + a PM to me, that we change forum functionality just for their benefit, when there is an easy work around is just wasting our time. Gives me the impression that this person is demanding.