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Talking ooo the nsa

Originally Posted by ColdFire View Post
. . technical problems mostly (or often ) appear when you last need 'em . . . .

In fact I heard the whole street where I live is experiencing internet-problems recently..

As I've already said in this thread ,the NSA can look 'over your shoulder' concerning your internet-activities nowadays.

In fact they might even hack into your account . .
Bye bye online freedom . . .I see that comin' . .
But only concerning the 'suspicious' parts of society . . .

'Those up there' I suppose won't be bothered . . .

'Just' world we are living in . . . .
Haha I dont think the US fedgov could really give a fucken rats ass about us and what we write here, they have enough on their plate just 'creatively' implementing ways to collect more tribute from us shitizens and the countries of the 'free' world to keep increasing the bloated salaries they pay themselves. Most bureaucrats would sell their own children for a new Audi A8, a swimmin pool in the back yard and a vacation every year in the Bahamas.

They might try to shut down the internet at the behest of some whiny whingers in (((corporate america))) but they will fail, just like they fail at everything else they attempt. Likely they have already tried and failed. Check out what 'full spectrum dominance' got for 'em in the ME and West Asia since 2001

Yawn, fuck the US gubbermint. I'd concern myself more on the problem of what to have for dinner tonight, I think I'll go to Peter Luger's for a steak and veggies after maybe I'll go hit a few clubs on Queens Boulevard with this chick I met the other night


O, and thanks again for helping out with that problem vargie.

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