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I'll Be Frank About Anne Frank

Anne Frank's diary originally consisted of 300 loose sheets of paper, totalling 3 books. She died of typhus (a common wartime condition) in 1944.

1) A scientific analysis of the (later) diary revealed it could not have been written prior to 1951.

2) One of the three original "books" was lost in 1942.

3) Miep Gies, an employee of Anne's father, Otto Frank found the pages in late 1944. After the war, she gave them to Otto Frank, who 'condensed' everything into one 'narrative'.

4) Otto Frank edited out parts describing Anne's relationship with her mother, and some personal and 'disturbing' material.

5) Otto Frank became very wealthy from sales of the book.

6) The diary was 'embellished' by Otto Frank. This is an earlier entry of a 13 year old Anne Frank and a later entry.

"During recess I passed out cookies to my teachers and
my class.... (June 14, 1942)

- and a later entry -

"problems have a far greater impact on us"...."but they
keep thrusting themselves on us until, finally we're forced
to think up a solution, though most of the time our
solutions crumble when faced with the facts".............
(July 15, 1944)

Notice how different these two statements are. The latter statement has been added to Franks "diary".

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