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@ O. Pierce

. . would your post imply that modern day Italians are not part of our race ? ( since you mention texts claiming 'Aryans mixed away in the Roman Empire' )

. . my understanding of the racial history in Italy . . .

It appears to be true that Western Rome fell because of mixing with slaves from Africa and the Middle East . . Strictly said , "Romans" , in the classical sense ,no longer exist today . . they mixed away with their coloured slaves . .

However , after that Italy got a new deal of Aryan blood set by the Lombards who invaded Italy from the north . . even to the point that the 'mixed-race remnants' were driven into 'the foot of Italy' . .

Today there is a strong difference between Northern-/Southern-Italy . .

During the Middle Ages the "Holy Roman Empire" stretched from Northern Germany to Rome in the south . . . .

The pagan Roman empire fell yet the Roman empire as such survived in the form of the Curch-state . . it was largely influenced by the Germanic blood of the northern Italians at that time ( on a side note , we in Germany even until this day use German-sounding names for northern Italian cities , like "Mailand" for Milano or "Venedig" for Venice since during the Middle Ages it was part of the same area . . ( in German "Holy Roman Empire" is called "Heiliges Römisches Reich Deutscher Nation" ( "the holy Roman Empire of the German nation" ) , which implies a Germanic influence ) )

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