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Originally Posted by Ray Allan View Post
Technically, the Roman Empire survived until 1453 as the Eastern Roman Empire, also called the Byzantine Empire.
Yes, I was talking 'bout the Western Roman Empire mainly . . The empire was divided under Caesar Diocletian . . The Eastern Roman Empire was also called 'Byzantinum' or 'Constantinople' ( after Caesar Constantine = 'Constantin + polis =Constantinople ' ) . .

The Turks brought that down . .

Other historians say 1806 when the Holy Roman Empire was abolished by Napoleon Bonaparte.
The German "Holy Roman Empire" , sure ..
The Holy Roman Empire is considered to be the First Reich, correct?

Just as the German Empire was the Second Reich . .
That was the unification of Germany under the Prussians . .

( vid in reference to probably the most famous Prussian , Friedrich II. )

. . and National Socialist Germany the Third Reich.
Yup . .probably the most famous 'Reich' . .
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