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Ray Allan

Good point about the Cylons. The Centurion resembled the Roman counterpart with a sword resembling the Gladius and the helmet was similar, too. And the Cylon empire was ruled by 'Imperious Leader.'

Back to Star Trek--10 years before Star Wars, the classic episode 'Mirror, Mirror' showed Capt. Kirk and company experiencing a transporter malfunction that sends them to a parallel universe where instead of the Federation, there is the Terran Empire, which seems to be a futuristic Roman Empire. Spock's counterpart looks sinister with a beard and Sulu is the Enterprise's scar-faced security chief who is about to fire the ship's phasers to destroy a helpless planet. He could have just as easily been the guy on the Death Star who pressed the button to blow up the planet Alderaan in Star Wars.

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