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Originally Posted by Ray Allan View Post
This is where the Gavy air nigger splattered himself and his flying shitbox. This needs to happen more often. It makes my day to hear about another ZOGbot biting the dust.

I'll bet thermal drafts are a bitch in this canyon. What's the point behind these idiots hot-dogging through it, anyway? For a big dick-measuring contest is what for. The fighter jocks I met were obnoxious, arrogant assholes--every single one of them. Well, one of them found out the hard way his testosterone rush and aluminum F/A-18 were no match for a solid rock wall, heh, heh.
This canyon should be renamed "Fuck'in Around Alley". One - poor judgment exhibited by pilots to fly through this area. Probable FAA/mil reg violations, Two, where are their damn leadership/commanders on this? Should be banning this and dropping the hammer hard on the first ass hole to fly this canyon.

Wondering if some of the newer acft were using TF (terrain following) tech of some sort. Their lead points for the turns seemed appropriate. Many of the hand flown jets were almost turning too late. Wouldn't take much of a lapse to become one with the dirt.

The PK (probability of kill) with the ground is always 1 - PK = 1 ... meaning 100%.