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Originally Posted by ColdFire View Post
"Sex always sells" . . old saying. .
Girls attractive enough to sell their asses would do far better seeking marriage with high earning men, the VAST majority of hookers end up broke and broken.

But what I meant was merely when people strip / tease for pleasure , not necessarily people 'selling their bodies' out of desperateness . . What I meant was a 'tease'-industry . .
That almost always leads to prostitution, especially in degenerate Europe.

Sexuality is part of society . . .
That is tricky, if you supress sexually too much you end up with a population who look like trolls, a little bit of sex drives people to seek out more attractive mates.

Should it be 'private' , i. e. kept private or should it be 'pleasure' ?
For sure vice and perversion should not be celebrated, they should be condemned.
Political correctness is an intellectual gulag.