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Stewart Meadows

Maxwell — who has denied the allegations and has not been charged with any crimes — is stretched out naked on a beach in one photograph captured in the nearly hour-long video, the Daily Mail reported.

Yes, seeing a photograph of that ugly, saggy-breasted jew bitch naked must have been unpleasant, but here's the most disturbing part:

The officers then sweep through the $16.4 million waterfront compound, where they come across a photo of a girl who appears to be about 6 years old bending over in a short dress with her behind exposed, according to the Daily Mail. Authorities blurred the image.
So jew pervert Epstein apparently became sexually aroused by girls as young as six years old. That's obviously sick, but typically jewish. (Seriously, folks, read my thread Jews refuse to report jewish pedophiles to the (non-jewish) police.)