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Default The minutemen are no friend of the White race

With all due respect to A. E. and alex, the minutemen are not only not racist but go out of their way to denounce 'racists' and 'racism.' Of course, they only denounce White 'racism' and 'racists.' I have never heard them denounce the spics for their anti-White racism or anti-White violence. Personally, I would never support the minutemen because of their anti-White stance and the fact that they have nonwhites in their ranks. Still, it is good to have a group of useful idiots like these bringing attention to the illegal immigration problem. If WNs want to get involved in protesting the amnesty bill, I would suggest hooking up with the Council of Conservative Citizens. The CofCC do not denounce White Nationalists and as far as I know do not back away from the race issue when demonstrating. A CofCC chapter in South Carolina is having a march in Columbia at the statehouse this Saturday, April 8 at 12 noon. I plan to attend if at all possible.

The press release regarding the march is on the main page.