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Walter Schellenberg
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Walter Schellenberg
Exclamation SS-Brigadefuhrer Walter Schellenberg on the ANNP.

From SS-Brigadefuhrer Walter Schellenberg for "Silent Help America" and "Stille Hilfe," who communicates the following on the ANNP and SS-Obersturmbannfuhrer Dr. Jacques Reinhard Heydrich Pluss:

Comrades, one must remember that, shortly prior to his valiant death in Berlin in 1945, our Fuhrer Adolf Hitler stated, when questioned about whether or not there would ever be a revival of National Socialism, that "there would be a revival when the conditions are right, probably in about a century." Now, the conditions are becoming right.

However, one must also remember that "conditions" change over time. National Socialism must evolve along with them, taking on the strongest form possible, with the strongest people, in the strongest place--a place which, incidentally, may not yet know its own strength. This strength must be "drawn out" using the best individuals, theories and practices available at the time. The ANNP embodies both the inalterable characteristics of National Socialism and the practical approach necessary now.

In regard to Dr. Pluss, our permission for him to take add "Reinhard Heydrich" to his name is an honor bestowed for years of service. To criticize Reinhard Heydrich's name in any way is an ignorant insult taken very seriously by "Stille Hilfe." Likewise is name-calling an ignorant insult taken very seriously by "Stille Hilfe." It might be a useful suggestion that you know a man before you sling mud at him.

Finally, Dr. Jacques Reinhard Heydrich Pluss's work for "Stille Hilfe" included the creation of dissimulation to judge the reaction of the American "White Nationalist" community. In our estimation, it failed miserably in coping with the confusion Dr. Pluss was ordered to create in order to judge whether or not any National Socialist groups in America would be calmly and competently able to assist "Stille Hilfe" in its work aiding remaining Third Reich veterans in distress.

I thank VNN once again for posting my comments. "Meine Ehre heisst Treue!" SS-Brigadefuhrer Walter Schellenberg for "Silent Help America" and "Stille Hilfe."