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Originally Posted by Alex Linder View Post
Bro is associated with partying and drinking and 'rape culture' and various other leftist sins.
...and lifting weights/exercising/being active, eating well, dressing well, chasing girls. The last is extremely problematic for the judeo-feminists because White men being straight is a very bad thing. Being straight in public is an extreme offense to the kikenfems.

Niggers and other assorted untermenschen shitskin creatures can drink, do drugs, go after women as much as they like (why all the hush about nigger-on-White rape in the judeo-feminist narrative?). But when White men do it...unacceptable.

"What's good for me (and my allies the muds) is not good for thee (White man - my enemy)."
"What are they? A religion, a race, a criminal conspiracy?" - Craig 'Chain' Cobb on the jews