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Alex Linder

conservatives coin term gynecist. first seen (by me) on 11-5-2014.

This week, though, the American Thinker gave us a real doozy, possibly the winning candidate in the informal anti-Wendy Davis essay contest. In a piece titled "Dreams from My Uterus," Deborah C. Tyler pronounces Wendy Davis not a feminist, but a "gynecist." And what is a gynecist, you might ask? We'll let Tyler take it from here:

Gynecism promotes the political position that the primary and most essential power a female can hold is the control of her own sexual and genital functions. Gynecism sexualizes and sexually empowers girls and women throughout the lifespan and insists upon the absolute and sole right of a pregnant female to terminate her own pregnancy at any point. Some gynecists believe infanticide is also the right of the mother.