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Rae Kiley

All that is minor league talk though. The real question is:
If the Masters who control the money(Jews), get their way, what makes you think they will place 3rd world simpletons on the throne to rule over western civilization?
Riddle me that, oh wise one.
Did you ever answer JS Bach's question?

Again, you insulted other posters.

Also, I thought the t-shirt you were wearing in the picture you posted - with a map of the Americas labeled "Indian Territory" - that's as much as advocating genocide against the White race, which would be a violation of both US and International law. Advocating illegal or violent activity is also against the forum guidelines.
SDY states in this post the reason that your posts were not approved.
You willfully violated forum guidelines. That's a no-no lol
This country will not be free until the last nigger is strangled with the intestines of the last social "scientist" `Jhoffa_X