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Originally Posted by JimInCO View Post
I don't know Joe Snuffy off of the forum, and can't recall any interaction I've had with him online, but he was certainly NOT one of the VNNF users on my mental list of people that might do something boneheaded like this.

I see only two possibilities here -

1) He is guilty of what he is accused of doing and wanted to get caught.
2) He was framed.

Some random thoughts:

a) If he did plant the bomb, why on earth would he leave the t-shirts behind? If they were used as a disguise (changing shirts on the way), why choose shirts that would lead back to the high school which he attended? Come on. This is either a case of JS wanting to get caught, or someone else being sure that the investigation eventually pointed to JS.

b) If he did plant the bomb, why would he plant it so far ahead of the starting time of the parade? If the bag wasn't discovered, it surely would have been stolen by some nigger passerby.

c) If he did plant the bomb, and it used a car-alarm type firing device as claimed, he would have needed to be within maybe 50-100 yards of the device. Why not detonate it when it was apparent that it was discovered?

d) If he did plant the bomb, why would he leave it covered with some nice, convenient genetic material?

e) The DNA is what supposedly linked him to the bomb. Since he was never arrested, his DNA wouldn't be in the FBI database. His DNA would be in whatever military DNA database exists, but IIRC these two databases are NOT supposed to be linked.

f) Supposedly Chain was living with JS. The ADL/SPLC/FBI etc would have known this, as it was no secret that JS offered Chain a place to stay. What a great chance for someone to kill two birds with one stone.

g) The supposed addition of rat poison to the device is a convenient link to Palestinian 'terrorists', who the jews claim have adopted the idea in their suicide bombings.

h) Where in the hell is Chain? He seems to be MIA since at least this past Tuesday.
All great questions that I have considered as well.

Obviously using your own clothing (I assume as a filler), that would contain your own DNA, isn't a bright thing to do, that is, if they did use DNA to trace this device back to him.

Leaving a backpack on a bench on the MLK parade route wasn't a bright thing to do either. A bucket of KFC would have received less attention.

Apparently those who found the device (don't know if they were niggers or not), opened it up and exposed "wires," before they called it in. I have read no mention of a method of detonation, whether it was timed or if he used a cell phone. Apparently the police figured that if the idiots that found the device were able to carry it away and rummage through it, then nobody was minding the store, thus it was safe to defuse it.

As far as CC is concerned, if they have him, they are probably holding him as an "international terrorist." He is probably being held incommunicado in a dungeon somewhere, with no access to family, attorneys or human rights organizations - for whatever specific amount of time they are allowed to do so.