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Originally Posted by JimInCO View Post
Alex, the only 'evidence' I can provide is circumstantial. Around the time that Chain was posting videos from a library in MT and sleeping rough, JS made a post offering Chain a spare room at his place in WA. IIRC, Chain replied that he might take him up on the offer. A week or two (?) later Chain was posting videos from what looked like a small, unfinished room. In at least one of his recent videos where he filmed himself calling politicians, he mentioned where he was calling from, and I'm pretty sure that he said it was WA. His YouTube account and blog where terminated recently. I don't know if Chain re-uploaded his videos to another account.
The stink of an anti is all over you.

You said "supposedly." Now, either you are alluding to someone else's making the same claim you are, or you're inventing the claim while pretending it has ancestry.