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My maternal great-grandfather was from one of oldest and most respectable families in the village and he married my great-grandmother who was a gypsy, and half of his family stopped talking to him.

During the WWII, all the people from the village were gathered one day and the gypsies were asked to step aside and a form a different group. My great-grandmother took her children (including my grandmother) and went with her family and when my great-grandfather followed her, she told him to go with 'his people', but he told her that he was going wherever she and the children were going and stayed with them.

When the mayor of the village started to call people by their name and saw my great-grandfather who he had known all his life in that crowd, told him to take his family and get out of there. The other people were taken somewhere and they were never seen again.

The words 'race traitor', 'subhuman', 'muds', 'shitskins' might make sense to you and justify the sufferance and killing of innocent people, but I assure you, that in any world with good right values, it cannot make sense and it never will.

There is no person without mistake, but there isn't a person that won't pay in this life or the next one for his/her deeds also.