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You and I know that in reality, if we had free speech on the MSM and could voice our opinions and express ourselves without some Jew starting all the hate on us, then we would be effective in bringing most sensible people to our cause. The government controllers know this and so do the hidden masters. That's why when you start making people think you end up being arrested sooner or later. They don't mind sending innocent men or women to jail for 8 years, simply for stating an opinion or expressing oneself. We must change this and demand to be heard and have a fair even voice in the mainstream.
Not to mention all the detailed documented facts we produce, how can people be so swayed by labeling? Americans are either just so dumbed down or they flat don't care what awaits them in the future. I am tired of being a victim, just because I don't want to bow to failed and immoral principals of the perverted and insane Jewish mind and that of their followers. This is Jewish doctrine that dominates American thinking and it is why America is so sick. But you know what, those who call themselves Jews are not Jews at all. As is stated by paul in the Bible, a Jew is one that loves Jesus Christ. Remember what Jesus said in Matthew 24 when speaking with the Pharasies? They may have desended from Abraham but they were of Satan. Abraham was a Father of many Nations. How could anyone think that evil people who blaspheme Jesus could possibly be Godly is beyond my abilty to understand. The Bible makes it clear, so why do Christians support the antichrist state of those who say they are Jews but are of satan in everything they do??? Tell me you who call yourself Christian. Chosen people my rear leg!!!