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It's all a bunch of pure BS, if you get my drift. The main thing you should be asking is why all of a sudden when Steele is in jail do they find a pipe bomb under the car...IF the informant was working with FBI. There would have been no placing of pipe bomb. This is all a frame up gone wrong. Why would two days after the arrest find the bomb, if in fact they were concerned with the Wife's safety. First thing they would have done would have been to tell her not to even drive the vehicle or go near it. Secondly, a man in that condition would not kill the closest people on earth to him. Steel is not a conspirator, especially one who would plan such a juvenile type of plan as that. I tell you, it's a total frame job. Law enforcement never goes after the real crooks, they sit around beating off trying to punish someone who has opinions that their lords don't like...like little ass kissers.
Remember the informant was supposed to do the killing? So where did the pipe bomb come from? Put your thinking caps on folks. The informant was working for FBI and did not do the job.