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[advanced technique the media use]

The murder of Jayde Panayiotou and the manipulating liberal media

By Mike Smith

4th of May 2015

Two weeks ago the beloved teacher from Port Elizabeth’s Riebeek College Girl’s High School, Jayde Panayiotou, was abducted outside her home at Stellen Glen residential complex in Deacon Road, Kabega, brutally murdered and her body found in the Uitenhage township of KwaNobuhle.

Readers of this blog will by now have noticed that I said absolutely nothing about it at the time. Reason being…When it came to the way the media handled the murder, I could smell a rat a mile away.

Every day there are white people brutally murdered by blacks in South Africa. Farmers are the most vulnerable, but most of the time the sheer brutality and lengthy torture of the victims, often with nothing stolen, tell us that the motive is not robbery, but something else.

Problem is that the media NEVER makes such a big noise about these murders.

There is no doubt that Jayde Panayiotou was a beautiful person. She was much loved, but in the bigger scheme of things, the question has to be asked, “What made her case so special to the media?”

The media knew right from the start that there were speculations about her murder. They knew who the real perpetrator (her husband) was, that is why they played the sheeple like a cheap fiddle and the public like a bunch of fools all fell for it.

They published the picture of the black suspect taken at the ATM where he withdrew money from her bank account. Something they never do.

Usually, when it comes to black on white violence, the media goes out of its way to hide the race of the victim/s and the perpetrator/s. In this case they had no qualms to repeatedly publish pictures of the victim and the suspect. By me the alarm bells went off.

Then came the highly publicized marches after her murder, the highly publicized funeral, and her husband’s moving tribute at her funeral …that he incidently googled and stole from Charles Atkins who wrote it in 2010 …

Like I said, “What made her so special?”

When three year old Willemientjie Potgieter was picked up by her red hair by one of the savages and shot in the back of her head, the media hardly mentioned it.

Nevertheless, In the Jayde case, people were angry. Comments on News24 and IOL quickly degenerated into racial accusations and stereotyping, but the most amazing thing was that the comment sections were not blocked. It was thrown open.

Normally when these black savages murder an old white couple or so, the comments sections are closed to prevent exactly these so called “racists” remarks. Why were they, what appears without censoring, almost all allowed in the Jayde case?

And just as the “racist” comments reached fever pitch online, they broke the news that Jayde’s husband, Christopher was arrested for planning her murder all along. Behind it all was a devious white male who had an extramarital affair and who contracted black killers to the price of R80,000 to murder his wife.

Why did the media do it?

The media never lets a chance go by to vilify white males and this was again such a chance. Further, the public should hang their heads in shame for being such evil “racists”; for leaving such dirty, racist comments online. Like naughty school children they were chastised, made to wash their mouths with soap and sent to go and stand in the corner by teacher Media with her rod of morality in her hand.

The media loves stupid sheeple. It sells papers.

On the other hand, the media can only fool those who do not know or understand the agenda.