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Originally Posted by Robbie Key View Post
Surprisingly good book. I guess highbrow people will find the obvious 'lecturing' going on in some parts of the book to be of poor taste, but I actually like it. It gives you a sense of reading something important despite the book being sort of action-y. Not a literary masterpiece by any means but for what it sets out do to it is excellent IMO.
It's aimed to give an ordinary man an understanding of racialism, and it succeeds. The ordinary man can only tolerate so much philosophical thought, or historical review; he wants, as you say, action. Just this-then-this-then-this is what you find in nearly all detective fiction these days. At most in the very best writers, such as Chandler, you'd get a suggestive throwaway. But never any extended speculation, even to the extent of a single paragraph. I think Pierce calculates his mix effectively. Will be recording session #4 today.