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Originally Posted by Itz_molecular View Post
That graph , the one you posted . Is over 90% Asiatics , Chinese , Indians and Persians. Europeans were a very tiny segment of the global population .
No they were about as significant as they are now. Today the % of White people is actually less than it was then. This means simply that the White population has been growing at its standard rate since then.

You can see the tip to the left of population growth.

European populations didn't grow much not because of ethical reasons but because many simply died of disease. This was a large problem in Greece towards the AD age. Generally however minus disease many more people were made than died.

On this graph you can see that at 1500 the population of China was only marginally larger than that of Europe.

At its peak Rome ruled over 25 million Europeans of the 36 million that then lived in Europe. The population of the world was estimated from 100-162 million meaning Europeans were at least 1/5th of the total world population.

European , especially North Europe was very thinly populated . The few and far between place names proves that the population was tiny and static .
European , especially in the north , population didn't grow until the introduction of the iron blade plow . Then it exploded .
It might have exploded then however it was always growing. The population of Greece alone at 0 AD was 5 million. From 1000 BC to 400 BC there was a tripling in their population. Obviously they had no iron blade plows.

You're right that the population was small in the North but it still is. What's your point? The largest countries in Europe are Russia, Germany, Poland, Britain , France and Italy none of which are in the North .
Just an example , in the 1200's , Paris was the largest city in Europe at about 20,000 . China had dozens of cities over a million , at the same time .
That's funny considering 10-20% of the Earth was White.
You missed a digit by the way it was 200,000 by the end of the 1200's.