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Default Selected comments about German family moving to Kwa for home schooling,00.html

...The following comments reflect the views of DW-WORLD.DE readers. Not all reader comments have been published (Any wonder why?)...

...We are a family from Germany now living in New Zealand because we had to leave our country because of homeschooling. Here in New Zealand, homeschooling is quite normal and we have the feeling to live in a free country. In Germany we felt already as persecuted Christians as the German government is not interested in Christian education anymore. We did homeschooling in Germany in a bilingual way so the children had no difficulties to move into an English speaking count...,00.html

..."The police were knocking at the door, and one day they took the children to school, and the children were crying because the policemen took the schoolbags by force," Uwe Romeike told DW-RADIO. "They were really rude -- especially to my wife."...

..."We noticed that the school books always reflect certain values, that education cannot be neutral," Hannelore Romeike said. "We communicate our values, the teachers communicate theirs, and if the kids are at school, we cannot have an influence on what they learn."...

...The family now hopes that their application for political asylum will be successful and they will be granted permanent residence and work permits in the US...

...Germans who ignore the state's rules about mandatory school education can face hefty fines and even jail sentences...