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In a 1997 study, Strengths of Their Own, Dr. Brian Ray examined a sample of over 5,402 homeschooled students. On average, they scored 30 to 37 percentile points higher than the average public school student in all subjects.

A separate test done in 1991 by the Home School Legal Defense Association in conjunction with the Psychological Corporation found that a sampling of 5,124 homeschooled students across all grades scored 18 to 28 percentile points higher on the Stanford Achievement Test than the average public school student.

Finally, the 7,858 students who declared themselves to be homeschooled on the 2004 ACT scored an average of 1.7 points higher, on a scale of 1-32, than the national average.
Clearly they don't want bright, educated, White children to have the ability to think for themselves, absent the system's own filter, possessing those skills necessary allowing a critical and unbiased examination of reality in all of its forms thus drawing their own conclusions based upon their education and life experience. There can be no other reason for denying a parent the Inalienable Right to have a child educated as he or she sees fit.