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Douglas is mainstreaming this crime against Aryan's while not one of us his body of work thus far indicates he is not one of them.I find myself i am in an odd position in that one of my relations was the token German in the czech cabinet of the thirties and forties eventually offed by the communists post 68 in a litvinkof type poisoning.I have come to the relation thing late in the game however it may well be by pressing the enemy with the "non nazi" we can at least keep the campaign going for full German restitution.From what I can tell the Czechs and the German governments have bent over backwards trying to get non nazi relations to accept pay offs.In my own case they are not having much luck as some of the property is now Ukraine government owned.It is all quite complex but it is certainly a stick to beat the enemy with.
I have done potsdam to death and while I can find attributions and press releases that a mono racial society is best I cannot locate an actual document,yet they must have had one.The movement has spent 65 years bewailing multi racial societies yet I think the answer and the justification for a mono racial society must be right there at potsdam

Orderly and Humane: The Expulsion of the Germans After the Second World War.

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