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Originally Posted by deshawn williams View Post
hmm, well, i guess i just expected something more righteous from white nationals, and in particular one who is quite intelligent and caristmatic. now while obviously can't agree with your description of black folks as some kind of lower usless animal, i can understand your attitude on the matter and can even bend my mind to understand why you'd prefer to kill folks of african descent in large numbers (since you feel that the is necessary for the survival of the white race). what i CAN'T comprehend though is why you and others on her can mock and demean a suffering black person.
I'm sure the creature feels pain. But I can see the bigger picture. If the thing were alive and healthy, it would reproduce. And that would mean more of the destructive element. So the demise of the creature doesn't bother me, because it is actually a good thing.

you say that this is what jews have taught you, BUT aren't you better than jewish folks?
I didn't say jews taught me anything. I teach them that they can be attacked and mocked as they attack and mock others - except unlike their attacks, I have the facts on my side when I attack them. People are an imitative species. Almost everything most of us do is an imitation of something we've seen someone else do. My approach to fighting jews is intended to be imitated. I don't criticize the jews the way the doily nationalists do, I do the effective way. Jews should be mocked, ridiculed and, eventually, when we have power, exterminated. Not tortured, prevented from reproducing.

i certainly think so, even though i disagree strongly with some of your views. i guess i believe that you gain nothing by participating in this sort of crude and immoral banter...EVEN if evil jews and stupid blacks mock whites in the same way. to me anyway, this seems well below the behavior of any civilized person.
Yeah, I've heard that argument many times. I believe I have had greater influence doing things my way than any of my critics. Arguments aren't where it's at. Arguing, proving things, is actually a form of weakness, and perceived to be so by the enemy, who, after all, doesn't have any.

finally, i would respectfully disagree with your comment concerning the fact that you're not losing people to you're cause by going to this sort of extreme. with respect i think the proof is in the pudding: the majority of white folks don't respect you or take your points seriously.
Their actions show that most of them believe the same things we do. But because there is no leadership, they content themselves with the only legal, passive options left to them - moving away from nigger-filled neighborhoods, as opposed to liberating those neighborhoods by killing the niggers and the jews who sicced them on us. It is far less the case that whites don't agree with what they read here compared to their not being any true leadership, which itself is far more a matter of the power of the enemy rather than the failures of our would-be leaders or their behaving the wrong way.

now part of that is the jewish propaganda, i can see that plainly now and it's a shame because some of your points DESERVE to be taken seriously. but i think you underestimate how many intelligent people out there are (white, black or otherwise) who lose interest in you ideas when they see the excessive debasement of others, the constant infighting and paranoia, and some of your more extreme views (like the nearly complete slaughter of the black race). no need to respond, but i suppose it's worth thinking worth.
Like the conservatives, you're leaving out the main problem: enemy action. The enemy will not allow us to create websites unopposed, let alone develop real-world organizations to confront them. That's because the enemy correctly realizes that our ideas are more appealing than his. The only thing he has going for him is force and mass media. We have the facts, the preferences, of the majority of the white population. What WN lacks is power, and that lack of power is why we have, to date, failed. Our problem is technical, not ideological. The guns and mass media are against us. Overcoming those facts on the ground is our greatest challenge. In fact, it is our only challenge.