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Originally Posted by Igor Alexander View Post
I agree about the dishonesty of liberals, having a few fairly extreme ones on my mother's side of the family, and really, what else can you do with these jerkoffs other than offend them and poke fun at them? Reason with them? You can't have a constructive dialog with people who are willing to say that black is white or that 2+2=7 to win an argument.
Liberalism is a cult. It is based on demonstrably counterfactual premises, so to maintain itself, it must function by identifying and burning heretics. Liberals are bubble-boys, who must live in a fake plastic world lest any fact-germs intrude and infect their purity. I would guess that liberalism has a genetic basis.

There's also something of the religious fanatic in most liberals. Many of them despise Christianity with a passion, and yet 90 percent of their core beliefs are nearly indistinguishable from it.
It's hard to disentangle these things: WASP culture, Christianity, liberalism.

We need a racial audit. That means, we take every specific idea and practice that is wrong with (America) and trace it back to its origin and cause. I think if that were done, every bad thing, not just specifically political stuff but general cultural stuff, would trace to jews, Christianity, WASP culture, and liberalism. Not that, as I say, those things aren't intertwined, related and overlapping. Just as John Murray Cuddihy showed me that various things I had noticed about the jews were part of a deeper, more threatening pattern, so it was with E. Michael Jones, and to a lesser extent Jimmy Cantrell, in showing me how the private observations I've made about WASPs, liberals and Christians fit into a historical pattern.