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Originally Posted by Frank Toliver View Post
This is all so ludicrous; made so typical so that the average kwan can digest it;
Evil violent white racist with criminal connections,
Innocent and loyal wife and mother in danger.
Cue the images of the ominous pipe bombs.

A jew media blitz laundry list.

The truth is a pipe bomb explosion isn't going to look like an accident. The whole story is disjointed and reeks.
Thank you very much Frank, you are exactly correct. Everything they have given us so far has changed from day to day. From an accident to now he wanted to blow her up before she got to Grandmaws house. How was he going to get granny? I am sure they will feed us some more shit tomorrow after they have time to digest how their whole story is full of holes. Who is this bomb guy anyway? Who's to say he wasn't working for the other side to get Steele and now they intend to pop his cherry also to make it look like conspiracy gone bad. You know, entrap two then set them against each other with totally unbelievable stories. Who wins that way?