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Larry "the bomber" Fairfax and his 'suspicious device'

If Larry is the CI wouldn't he be operating under the direction and supervision of his Fed handlers for at least the past 6 months? Why wouldn't who ever attached it to Cyndi's vehicle at least make some attempt to conceal it? When was it put on Cyndi's vehicle? May 31, June 9, or...? Who has the second pipebomb now?

Apparently Larry has a 'history' with the court system. Can we presume Larry will have a strong motivation to provide whatever testimony the prosecutor needs to convict Edgar Steele in exchange for leniency with his current charges? What was Larry promised by his handler(s) for this type of 'service'?
It's frightening, but that guy looks very familiar. Kind of like some deputy that stopped me not long ago. Probably just my imagination.