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As I said, I do not see the motive.

If ZOG can sell the money angle(insurance) to the jury, that is something, that I can not comment on, since I am unaware of the details, but I do not see Mr Steele as a financial animal.

He was concerned about conservation of assets, sure, as we all are, but if that is a case for murder, indict us all, with more than sawbuck in our wallets.

...OTOH...isn't it whatz taking place?

Friggin' pollkosher bolshevix with that obamonkey on our bax have their field - including describing the playing field and the rulez to the sheeple.

I am with "bubba",:this case will not go to trial for many reasons.

Accidents can and will happen.

I am sorry for Mr Steele.

As I have said before: get ready, they are coming. Not 30 years from now: NOW!
From the corruption of women, proceeds the confusion of races - from the confusion of races, the loss of memory - from the loss of memory, all understanding - and from this - all evil.