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Originally Posted by Donald E. Pauly View Post
I am still pissed from giving money on the Chester Doles case. The scum sucking lawyers got $50,000 and did nothing but plead him guilty without a trial. He would have been better off acting as his own lawyer.

You will note that Steel has been appointed Federal Public Defenders. I hope that he instantly fires them and handles his own defense. They cannot be trusted. This is not yet the time to give money to Steele until the facts are sorted out.

Rus might like to explain to us what prompted him to join this forum the day before Steele's scheduled hearing.
Awh golly gee Donald, I already answered this earlier but for some reason my post was not taken and moderator was on. it was just a basic answer, so I am wondering what's going on in this forum with the controls. I am just merely trying to help Steele in any way possible and I thought that white people were the ones who would do that. As to Ivan saying I gave up, where does he get that idea from my posts? I only asked what you people think, so I could get a feel for the different charactors in here. I think most are in support of Steele from what I am reading. Hopefully this will not be censored.