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Sobibor / Roberto Muehlenkamp's duplicity exposed

"Jewish supremacist Muehlenkamp shoots himself again in referring to Andrzej Kola and Kola's so called 'excavations'. You couldn't get Muehlenkamp to damage his reputation anymore (if there's anything left of it) if he tried. Of course that is a problem for Jewish supremacists in general, they're desperately trying to defend allegations which are so easily shot down. They must continue to lie in order to support their previous lies; Muehlenkamp is a prime example.

Read these about Kola and his fraudulent digs and notice the desperate lengths that Jewish supremacists go to."

'Mass graves found at Nazi camp [?]'
absurd statements about Sobibor:

According to alleged eyewitness, Alexander Pechersky, gassings at Sobibor took place via a black heavy substance which exited in spirals from holes in the roof. Then the floor of the gas chamber opened
up, and the bodies fell directly into wagons placed in the basement.

From Entertainment Weekly:

"At the concentration camp in Sobibor, Poland, the Nazis assembled squawking schools of geese to cover the shrieks of inmates who were being gassed."

Another alleged eyewitness, Zelda Metz, talks of death via chlorine, and added... “then the floor opened automatically. The bodies fell into wagons on a railroad track which passed through the gas chambers and took the corpses to the ovens.”

"I notice that in an alleged excavation there is no mention of gas chambers with opening floors, in fact they give no evidence for gas chambers at all. What happened to the chlorine according to the alleged eyewitness? They give no evidence for the alleged 250,000. They give no evidence as to who, how, & how many were in the alleged mass graves. There is no verifiable study to consult, only an assertion of one."

and you gotta love this:

The detainees were told they were going to be deloused and were led to the "showers." These were in fact gas chambers linked up to the exhaust systems of large ***diesel engines*** of the sort used in U-boats ...