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Originally Posted by Hadding View Post
It's not the same at all. The evidence in the Steele case is not circumstantial. The case was proven, with an audio recording. Steele's statements, unlike Hale's, are not open to interpretation. Nothing in the Steele case hinges on any unverifiable claim that Steele nodded. The only possible counterargument in the Steele case (other than impaired capacity) was to claim that the recording was a fraud.

It is clear that Tony Evola was goading Matt Hale toward illegality. It is not evident that Larry Fairfax was goading Steele.

Wrong! And Tony is a Mossad agent acting as a member of the FBI. He is a jewish/zionist punk. Larry was/is an informant for the Mossads and that pretty much sums the whole case as a smear. Case closed.
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